Retirement Lifestyle Communities vs Retirement Villages in South Australia

Retirement lifestyle communities in South Australia are retirement villages built for retirees or over 55’s who want a lifestyle change or to live near likeminded people or to downsize but still lead an independent life. They operate under a land lease model, where residents own their homes and lease the land on which they sit.

If you’re over 55s and want to live in a safe, peaceful village that strikes the perfect combination of privacy, comfort and convenience, while living an active, healthy life, and enjoying a never-ending holiday lifestyle, socialisinge with other residents your age or older who share the same interest, a retirement lifestyle community is the perfect retirement plan for you.

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How Does a Lifestyle Community Compare to a Retirement Village?

The reason for moving into retirement lifestyle communities for over 55’s goes beyond wanting to downsize. Many retirees choose to reside in a lifestyle community to have a comfortable pace of life, enjoy the security of being surrounded by like-minded people of a similar age and have access to amenities for an active, fit and fun lifestyle.

You may find some similarities between retirement lifestyle communities and retirement villages when it comes to providing on-site amenities and safety and security measures, but there are key differences you need to know before deciding to move. Waikerie Lifestyle Village is not the same as other retirement village. Here are some of the things that make us different:

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1. A retirement lifestyle community offers independent retirees or adults over 55s the chance to maintain independence while enjoying a strong sense of community. In other words, it welcomes independent individuals over 55s, so some residents are still working or employed.


In contrast, a retirement village is designed for an older age group that may require additional support and care. The average age of retirees moving into a retirement village is older than that of a lifestyle retirement community. A retirement village also tends to have more care facilities, residents are managed, and things are more often done for them.

2. Unlike retirement villages, Waikerie Lifestyle Village is more affordable. There are no entry fees, nor deferred management fees or exit fees when you move out from our community. We believe in providing affordable retirement housing, so we choose not to charge these fees.


In a conventional retirement village, exit fees are usually the biggest fee you will pay. They are normally calculated as a percentage of your entry fee and accrue throughout your time living at the retirement village, with the cost increasing the longer you stay.

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3. As a retirement lifestyle community, we welcome retirees over 55s who want to reside in an independent retirement village where you can choose to build your choice of home or buy a brand-new spec home, own it and lease the land.

Retirement villages have different legal structures and financial arrangements. If you are a resident, you are required to make regular rental payments, and you don’t own the home or the land but have the right to live in it under a license right to occupy a home.

Ultimately, the choice between a retirement lifestyle community and a retirement village depends on your preferences, care requirements and level of independence. If you have any questions about living in Waikerie Lifestyle Village, we’d be happy to assist and give you a tour.

Have more questions?
We’ll gladly answer them.

Have more questions?
We’ll gladly answer them.

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Affordable Retirement Village in Waikerie

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South Australia has a small number of retirement land lease communities, but Waikerie Lifestyle Village is the first and only retirement land lease community in the Riverland. We offer a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle designed to enhance your quality of life.

Living at the Waikerie Lifestyle Village does not require retirement, but it offers an excellent environment for embracing a more relaxed pace and embarking on the fulfilling lifestyle you deserve. Our onsite Community Manager facilitates connections with fellow residents, handles your package deliveries, and addresses any inquiries you may have.

With a focus on privacy, comfort and convenience, Waikerie Lifestyle Village provides the perfect balance of relaxation and an active, engaging lifestyle.

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How Does Our Owning Your Retirement Home Work?

Our residents choose to build their choice of home or purchase a newly built spec home. All homes at Waikerie Lifestyle Village are built with the needs of over 55s at the forefront of design. You can check out our Homes for Sale for the price range to suit your budget.

As a land lease community, you:

Own your home & lease the land on which it sits

Save $1000s in comparison to other retirement villages

Are eligible for government subsidies

Live for less than the ‘recommended 20% of pension income’ as per One Cota

Get better value for money (retention of all capital gains)

Have an independent retirement lifestyle

All Homes Include:



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WLV Carport


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WLV Flooring


WLV Blinds


WLV Water Tank

Rainwater Tank

WLV Clothes Line


See Our Quality Yourself

You can see the quality of our homes and trust in your new build when you view our recently sold homes on a virtual tour or by walking through our display home when visiting Waikerie Lifestyle Village.

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Lifestyle and Facilities

With regional areas calling retirees toward a lifestyle change, Waikerie Lifestyle Village is the ideal lifestyle retirement village for adults over 55s who dream about retiring by the river.


Located in the quiet, picturesque holiday town of Waikerie in South Australia’s Riverland, our residents don’t just holiday here, they live here. Everyday they enjoy the sun and river in the wide open, fresh air at their leisure.

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Village Hub

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Work Shop

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Post Boxes

WLV Caravan Storage

Caravan Storage

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Our retirement village has beautifully landscaped grounds, perfect for a morning stroll while enjoying a relaxing and serene neighbourhood. Enjoy the communal facilities in our lifestyle retirement community, get to know your neighbours and make friends by joining the resident-organised and run activities and start living the retired life at Waikerie Lifestyle Village!

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Start living the lifestyle you deserve today!

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Have more questions?
We’ll gladly answer them.

Have more questions?
We’ll gladly answer them.