Embracing a New Chapter:
Moving from Hobart to Waikerie Lifestyle Village

Starting a new journey by moving from the picturesque city of Hobart to the charming haven of Waikerie is an exciting choice that opens the door to a vibrant and fulfilling chapter in your life. Situated in the heart of South Australia's renowned Riverland, Waikerie Lifestyle Village beckons with its unique blend of serene landscapes, welcoming community, and a land lease living experience tailored for those aged 55 and over. As you consider this transition, let's explore the remarkable aspects that make Waikerie an irresistible destination for retirees seeking a refreshing change.

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Exploring the Transition: Hobart to Waikerie

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Leaving the harbour city of Hobart and setting your sights on Waikerie requires courage and an adventurous spirit. The allure of the Riverland region lies in its breathtaking landscapes, unique climate, laid-back lifestyle, and warm community. Nestled along the banks of the mighty Murray River, Waikerie boasts a Mediterranean climate, where sunny days and mild winters create an environment conducive to outdoor activities all year round.

Hobart's cool temperate climate is different from the sun-drenched days of Waikerie. The change in weather presents a refreshing opportunity for retirees to embrace a different wardrobe and daily routine. You can stroll through the Village's lush gardens or sip on local wines while basking in the gentle Riverland sun. The climate shift not only transforms the landscape but also encourages an active and engaged lifestyle.

Moreover, while Hobart's cultural scene is diverse and historically rich, Waikerie brings its own unique cultural offerings. The Village is situated amid a region steeped in history. Residents can immerse themselves in the local culture by exploring heritage sites, attending community events, and connecting with historic tales that have shaped the land.

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A Glimpse of The Waikerie Lifestyle Village Difference

The Waikerie Lifestyle Village's appeal lies in its land lease model. Unlike traditional retirement villages, where the expense of land ownership and entry fees can create financial hurdles, land lease communities offer a more economical path. In a land lease community, residents own their homes while leasing the land on which their home sits.

This distinctive structure ushers in a series of financial benefits, making a serene retirement more accessible. By diverting the upfront capital typically used for land purchase or entry fees at conventional retirement villages towards other endeavours, retirees can find themselves with a substantially bolstered budget for various experiences and comforts.

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The land lease community model also makes residents eligible for a range of financial incentives. This can include government subsidies tailored to seniors, ensuring that retirement funds are stretched further to accommodate an enriched quality of life.

The financial allure of Waikerie Lifestyle Village goes beyond initial savings and subsidies. When you choose this retirement lifestyle community as your retirement sanctuary, you're not just investing in a dwelling; you're securing a future of financial stability. Unlike retirement villages that impose substantial exit fees upon moving out, the land lease community model, like at Waikerie Lifestyle Village, allows you to retain all capital gains from the eventual sale of your home. This means that you or your family, as part of a willable estate, will reap the rewards of your investment, amplifying the financial advantages of this living arrangement.

Moreover, the Village is affiliated with the Waikerie Holiday Park. Resident family members & friends can stay there at a discounted rate when they visit.

Ultimately, what sets the Waikerie Lifestyle Village apart is its unwavering commitment to redefining affordability in retirement living. By eliminating the barriers associated with traditional land ownership or retirement village entry fees, Waikerie Lifestyle Village extends an invitation to a diverse range of retirees seeking to relish in the tranquil beauty of South Australia's Riverland without compromise.

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The Waikerie Lifestyle Village is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Adjusting to a new community, making connections, and settling into a different rhythm of life may seem daunting, but the warmth of the Village community ensures that you're never alone on this journey. Engaging in Village activities, events, and clubs provides a seamless way to meet new residents who share your interests and create a sense of belonging.

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Welcome a New Chapter of Independence and Companionship

The decision to move from Hobart to Waikerie Lifestyle Village marks a significant turning point in your life, offering the chance to embrace a new way of living that celebrates both independence and companionship.

From the allure of the Riverland's climate to the deep connections formed within the Village community, Waikerie presents a lifestyle that caters to the needs and desires of those aged 55 and over.

If you're ready to embark on a fulfilling adventure that combines the charm of a serene location with the camaraderie of a vibrant community, Waikerie Lifestyle Village welcomes you with open arms. Call us at 1300 50 55 60 to learn more.

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